Document of the month: February 2024

Still wrapped up in the theme of UC's Cultural Week - "Voice", we would like to share an interesting excerpt from a sound document donated to the Centre by Belmiro Pimenta Oliveira, whose original audio was recorded on reel-to-reel and digitised in 2002 by Manuel Figueiredo from the weekly RTP news programme TV7 Revista de Actualidades da Semana.


"News on the Radio" is a compilation of recordings of various radio (and also television) news programmes broadcast in the period after the 25 April. In the excerpt we have selected, available here, is a press conference conducted by journalists Maria Margarida and Luís Filipe Costa, recorded on the 28th of April of 1974. The participants - Urbano Tavares Rodrigues, Maria Lamas, Baptista-Bastos, Vítor Wengorovius, Vasco Fernandes, Reinaldo Nascimento, Isabel, Maria Amélia Sande, Manuel Lopes, Jerónimo Franco and Alberto Arons de Carvalho - talk about how they were experiencing a 25 April that was still so recent and full of hope.