Centenary of João Paulo Varela Gomes

On 24 May 2024 it will be one hundred years since the birth of João Varela Gomes.

The website dedicated to the memory of João Paulo Varela Gomes brings together statements, testimonies and reflections, and is the result of a family tribute to this man, "(...) a symbol of the struggle for a society without exploitation, as it seemed to be within our reach in the year and a half that the revolution lasted. He was the first to take up arms against the colonial war, when nothing had been won, and the last to lay down his arms, when all was lost. No other soldier, not even the most consistent April soldiers, began this struggle so early, and few kept the flame of revolt burning until the end of their lives. Here we've gathered statements, testimonies and reflections from people who knew João Varela Gomes, who fought with him or who simply know his historic role."