Document of the month: June, July August

n a summer edition, we are launching the "Document of the Month" section in a triple version, for the months of June, July and August, dedicated to the struggles for the achievements of April. These are three photographs belonging to the D.N./D.L. Fund, each one dedicated to a month and a struggle for the demands that so marked the period that followed 25 April 1974 across the country.

June 1974 - demonstration by CTT workers.

6 July 1974 - The National Pro-Divorce Movement (MNPD) organises a demonstration in the vicinity of the Belém Palace, where a committee representing the movement delivers a document entitled "the signatories want divorce" with several signatures calling for the repeal of the Concordat on divorce. Francisco Salgado Zenha, as Minister of Justice, was later responsible for legalising divorce in religious marriages by amending the Concordat on 15 February 1975.

August 1974 - demonstration in support of 25 April by Portuguese emigrants.